Large companies are characterised by a number of processes, more or less complex, which are necessary to make all company dynamics work properly; more and more companies are looking for innovative and secure solutions to optimise these processes with a view to better time and asset management.

In order to facilitate the exchange of material between employees and manage smart deliveries of company assets and mail, in collaboration with our partner Ricoh and its dealer Marka Service, we have installed at the headquarters of a large Italian multinational company of steel plants 3 Smart Lockers, 2 outdoor and 1 indoor, equipped with touchscreen and QR/barcode reader.

Employees can exchange objects of various kinds (documents, company assets, etc..) through the Locker: they authenticate themselves to the control module by scanning the badge and through the touchscreen they make the request to deposit the desired object, by selecting:

  1. the person to whom the delivery is destined
  2. the size of the cell they want to use (based on the size of the object to deposit)

The system sends a notification to the recipient of the object that contains a QR code for the collection to be scanned directly at the Locker; alternatively, the recipient can collect the object by authenticating with his company badge.

In the event that the storage of an object in the Locker exceeds a predetermined period (“retention period”), the company has requested that the delivery of the goods be carried out by an internal deliveryman; in this case the system will notify the recipient that the object has been removed from the Locker and the new delivery methods foreseen.

Shortly after the adoption of Smart Lockers for asset management, the company issued a survey to its employees, obtaining, for example: “the service is fast and always available and we don’t have to waste time with the operators in searching for the goods” or “the directions are clear and simple, allowing us to deliver or pick up very quickly“.

The only negative comments collected concerned the recipients’ lack of knowledge of the delivered object: the WIB developers therefore immediately worked to create a free text area that could be used at the time of deposit, so as to transmit the content of the locker directly in the email of receipt.

Given the success of these solutions, the company asked us to install 2 additional Smart Lockers (one with 87 cells and one with 143 cells) for the optimized management of keys for company cars and apartments.

With these Key Lockers the company had set itself the goal of:

  • optimize storage spaces by reducing them as much as possible
  • optimize key management processes by reducing the use of dedicated personnel
  • decrease costs related to management
  • to have detailed reports of transactions occurred

The company requested a monthly report of the transactions that took place: thanks to the cloud dashboard provided by WIB, the reports are automatically sent by the system to a specified e-mail address.

All installed Smart Lockers are visible and manageable from the WIB platform, so that each locker is kept under control in a timely and efficient manner.

We were very clear about the needs in the company and how we could develop them: inefficiencies due to manual steps constantly erode the work of employees, especially in large companies. The only factor that was missing was a partner by our side to be able to improve, make more efficient and automate many unnecessary steps. With WIB, Ricoh and Marka Service, this was made possible. They have followed us step by step in the evolution of this project, also foreseeing different implementation steps. Having achieved today’s result, which has satisfied us so much that we will continue to rely on WIB for subsequent projects, we are already thinking about the next level: an innovative way to distribute PPE and uniforms in the company. We expect to be up and running very soon!” says the company’s Executive Director for IT Systems Management.

In addition, we would like to thank the commercial and technical on field support from Marka Service, whose CEO, Marco Vivian, makes the following comment: “Working with WIB has been really exciting: there is no customer more satisfied than the one who carries on a business partnership by ordering on an annual basis new supplies and technologies, integrated and highly customized as those installed by Marka Service and WIB“.