Marchesini Group is a multinational company founded in Pianoro (Bologna) in 1947 and which today is a leading company in the sector of machinery for the packaging of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food products.

Starting out as a small family-run business, the Marchesini Group has since become an international player thanks to its ability to combine the artisan production approach of its origins with the latest innovations in robotics and digitalisation.

The Pianoro (Bologna) headquarter of Marchesini Group

With a view to continually improving the efficiency of its processes with the help of technology and digital technology, Marchesini Group turned to Ricoh and WIB in search of a corporate welfare solution that would make the reception and management of packages intended for employees and delivered to the company more flexible, secure and agile.

To meet this need we installed together with our partner Ricoh 3 Smart Lockers used as Parcel Lockers in three different locations of the group: Barberino di Mugello (Florence), Carpi (Modena) and Pianoro (Bologna).

After registering on the web portal developed ad hoc by WIB, employees wishing to use the locker can book a cell in which to receive their orders from online purchases made on any e-commerce platform: when the package is delivered, the recipient is notified by email.

The system also takes care of sending a daily alert to administrators with a summary of the cells occupied in the following 15 or 30 days, with the aim of ensuring a better management of the space available in the Locker.

We decided to turn to Ricoh and WIB for the installation of a Smart Locker to be used as a Parcel Locker to allow those who work in Marchesini Group to receive packages and online orders directly in the company,” says Riccardo Sturniolo, IT System Administrator at Marchesini Group.

Most of us make online purchases very frequently and not being able to be at home to receive them poses a problem that we have completely solved thanks to the Smart Lockers WIB: one aspect we particularly appreciated was the possibility to customize the software to best suit our needs, just what we were looking for!

Smart Lockers used as Parcel Lockers are an increasingly popular solution for companies that want to adopt corporate welfare interventions for the well-being of their staff: in this post of our blog we talked about some use cases in which Smart Lockers have successfully supported the corporate welfare initiatives of companies that have chosen them!