On our blog we have already talked about some companies that have chosen us to revolutionize the concept of corporate canteen thanks to take away lunches collected at our refrigerated Smart Locker.

Even Edison, a leading energy supplier in Italy and Europe, has installed a WIB Food Locker at its headquarters in Milan in order to offer its employees all the advantages of a “Smart Canteen“.

The Choice of WIB Refrigerated Smart Lockers

The project, carried out in collaboration with Ricoh, was realized on behalf of Pellegrini, an important Italian company leader in the market of catering and corporate welfare services at the headquarters of Edison – their client – who was looking for a convenient and innovative solution that would allow employees and collaborators to enjoy their lunch break in a flexible manner.

Our Food Locker was identified as the ideal solution to manage in full freedom and safety this important moment of the working day.

To meet this need we installed at Edison headquarters in Milan an 18-cell Food Locker to which a further 21-cell module was subsequently added.

The refrigerated Smart Locker is used to store and distribute meals on two daily shifts, doubling – in fact – its capacity: thanks to this technological solution, maximum flexibility of use is guaranteed, satisfying the different needs of users.

Employees book their lunch choosing among all the alternatives available to them within the app prepared by Pellegrini and manageable by all the most popular devices in circulation: once the menu has been chosen, it is prepared in a “take away” version and placed in one of the cells of the Food Locker which keeps it at the optimal temperature until it is collected.

Employees are notified of the possibility to pick up their lunch through a notification delivered directly to their email: to open their compartment and pick up their lunch box, all they have to do is scan the QR code they received at the time of ordering through the reader on the locker.

When an employee picks up the lunch box from the Food Locker, the system sends a notification of “box picked up” that is, to all intents and purposes, a certification of successful pick up thanks to an advanced integration system between the Locker+App solution and the company management system.

This Food Locker has been operational since the beginning of March 2021 and in the first weeks of activity it has already been used hundreds of times by employees and collaborators to receive the lunch booked by the app, a number that shows how this innovation has been particularly appreciated.

Andrea Fumagalli, Director of Accademia Pellegrini, stated that: “We are really pleased to be able to offer our Clients cutting-edge solutions, capable not only of making the moment of the lunch break increasingly flexible and personalized, but also – very important in this period – safe and guaranteed on all fronts.

For more information on the “Smart Locker refrigerated” solution, both technical and commercial, our specialists are at your disposal.