In recent months, due to the COVID-19 crisis, the way of working has changed radically and – along with it – the way of living the time spent in the company, in most cases now reduced and fragmented.

The need for less crowded spaces has led companies to look for innovative and flexible solutions to guarantee their employees comfortable but also safe spaces, in the office or in “common” environments.

One example is the company cafeteria: this sector has been heavily affected by the pandemic and has had to reinvent itself in order to continue its mission of serving meals to workers who need to have lunch at work.

Camst Group, a leading company in collective catering, for schools and companies, is a reference reality in Italy as regards, also, company canteens; this leading company has chosen WIB refrigerated Smart Lockers – made available in collaboration with our partner Ricoh – for the installation of a “canteen 4.0” within Camst itself.

Understanding the great potential of the refrigerated Smart Locker, Camst wanted to install one “at home” in order to “touch with hand” the experience and validate this solution before offering it to its customers.

The solution is, in fact, a “smart” canteen thanks to which the employees of a company can, through an app, book in advance (the day before or even a few hours before in some cases) the meal they wish to consume at work the next day (or the day they will be in the company).

On the chosen day, the selected menu is delivered and deposited in our temperature-controlled Smart Lockers, installed in the company, which keep the food at an optimal temperature until the moment of collection, which takes place in total autonomy at the most convenient time for the worker (who has received a QR code on his smartphone that allows him to open the compartment with his meal).

In this way, queues and assemblies are avoided, ensuring that staff can have lunch in the company in safety and comfort.

Camst talked about the project through a video published on its official YouTube channel:

The fact that a benchmark company in the sector such as Camst has chosen to use our Smart Locker (as other operators in the sector had already done in the recent past) for this innovative project is a great satisfaction and an indication that our efforts are going in the right direction: our goal is to make an increasing number of company canteens “smart”, improving the lunch break experience for thousands of people.