WIB is proud to have passed a number of key milestones during the last year. The first 12 months of commercial activity have proved to be of great international success. The Milan based team has successfully brought WIB technology to a number of retailers throughout Europe, North America and Middle East. This has led to the opening of WIB’s New York Office and the incorporation of a Middle Eastern Distribution Partner during the first half of 2016.

The strategic openings immediately received excellent market response, bringing WIB into the spotlight of a number of Fortune 500 companies that have approached WIB for a number of partnerships and strategic alliances. Further details on finalised agreements will be announced shortly in a separate press release. Leveraging market feedback and a strong R&D Department, WIB has closed 2016 announcing two new solutions within its Store range and creating a brand new line of next generation smart lockers named WIB PickUp Solutions.

In order to reflect the rapid transformation on all fronts, WIB has decided to start the year with a facelift: A new website that aims to share the company’s past, present and future plans and achievements in a more dynamic yet simplified manner. As expressed in the words of WIB Founder & CEO Nino Lo Iacono “WIB is thrilled to have the opportunity to build the physical touch-points of tomorrow, merging the digital world with the material one and looks forward to the opportunity to share more of this process through its new website, its Facebook and LinkedIn pages and other social accounts”.

In case you have yet to discover the benefits that WIB brings to retailers and consumers, they are now only a click (or tap) away!