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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a WIB Machine stay open 24/7?

Yes. The E-commerce platform enables customers to buy online and pick up their goods 24/7 at WIB Machine.

Are WIB Machines networked?

Yes. Each location is connected real time. Our remote control and management platform allows retailers to monitor and manage sales in real time with real time consumer support through webcam. WIB does integrate with ERP solutions delivering real-time information to your extended enterprise.

What forms of payment are accepted?

WIB takes payments in cash, credit/debit card, any loyalty card and PayPal. All card payments are PCI compliant and transactions are made with an encrypted protocol. Like all PayPal payments, transactions are encrypted, made on PayPal server and guaranteed by PayPal.

What are the models and range of the WIB offerings?

WIB Store

Automated retail solution with modular structure. The modules range from 1-3 with SKUs from 100-300. This modular structure offers the opportunity to increase the capacity of the store along its life cycle and to manage multiple temperatures. WIB machines are made up of one delivery unit and one or more warehouse modules. It is also possible to mount additional warehouse modules, increasing stock capacity.

WIB PickUp

Standalone smart locker system - Stores are looking for new ways to speed up delivery and improve customer service for managing pickups and returns. This offers an innovative solution that supports 24/7 delivery services.

Where can WIB stores be located?

WIB sells a portable storefront that a retailer can place inside a train or a subway station, a fitness center, a mall, or any other point of contact with the public where certain products are likely to be sold. Saleable items can range from consumer electronics, dinners-to-go, sports drinks, clothing, or virtually anything that a consumer might need.

Does WIB develop their own software technology?

The WIB patented technology allows the delivery of a whole shopping trolley at once (not only one product at a time), enabling the use of traditional promotional offers, such as ‘three for the price of 2’ | ‘multi-packs’ and many more through our expandable stock capacity.

How do I get started?

WIB represents the right junction between brick-and-mortar stores and a digital shopping experience, leveraging on its web-based approach to sales that integrates purchases on site and e-commerce via desktop and mobile devices.
To discover how WIB Machine technology is a very efficient and powerful omni-channel solution to capture consumers and boost your sales, get in touch.


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